Why Binghamton?

You love antique carousels, but hate paying for them.

You can wake up in a country house, work in the lab until 5, then have a night out in NYC or Philadelphia (~ 3-4 hours later, depending on traffic). We’re centrally isolated.

You’re frugal. Binghamton has among the lowest costs of living in the US…

...but we still have some culture and whatnot.

You think the coasts are overrated. Paris, Pittsburg, Binghamton: all the world’s great cities are river confluences.

You require an infinite number of mountains to explore. The Catskills, Poconos and Adirondacks are within day and weekend trip distance.

You’re a Mets fan and want a preview of your future disappointment.

You think the outsides of buildings are an under-utilized canvas.

You think encyclopedic museums are nice, but were disappointed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s lack of a preserved 1930’s barber shop and functional theatre organ.

You think finger shaped lakes (1 hour away) are the greatest of lakes and those lakes on the Canadian border need to get over themselves already.

You think anyone can build an astronomical observatory at high elevation above the cloud line, but it takes real guts to build one in a notoriously cloudy region on a low hill.

You love souvlaki and yakitori, but think they would be much better served on plain white bread, with nothing else.

It’s a little known (and completely made up) fact that George Harrison arranged “Here Comes the Sun” for a Wurlitzer organ:

“Here Comes the Sun” – Rec Park Carousel Wurlitzer Organ

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