Our People

We’re always interested in hearing from interested potential graduate students. Reach out to Peter directly.

Peter McKenney – Assistant Professor

Peter is originally from Utica, NY and grew up in Ilion in the Mohawk Valley. He earned a BS at SUNY Fredonia and was an unhappy transfer student at Bing for 1 semester. He was a technician in Boston for a while, then earned a Ph.D. in biology at NYU. Then he was a postdoc at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. He started at Binghamton during the COVID-19 pandemic in Fall 2020.

Holly Smith – Graduate Student

Ali Wood – Graduate Student

Nermin Mohamed – Graduate Student

Lesly-Hannah Gutierrez – Undergraduate

Addelis Agosto – Undergraduate

Mofiyinfoluwa Adeoye – Undergraduate

Caspar Carson – Undergraduate

Robert Murray – Undergraduate

Sarah Joseph – Undergraduate

  • Lab Alumni
  • Angus Johnson – Ph.D. Candidate Dartmouth
  • Phyllis Ling – RN
  • Avi Stern – Teaching at a charter school in Brooklyn
  • Zainab Sikander – Master’s student at Johns Hopkins
  • Ariana Rodriguez
  • Jake Borenkoff
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